Become A Skydiving Pro With Accelerated Free Fall Courses

Is skydiving an extreme sport you are interested in learning and becoming a natural at? You may want to take accelerated free fall (AFF) courses so that you can quickly learn how to skydive on your own instead of always relying on a tandem instructor to jump with you. If you are interested in doing this as a hobby and you want to be able to do it on your own, the accelerated free fall courses will teach you all there is to know at a fast pace so that you can get started while enjoying this extreme sport to the fullest extent.

Becoming Familiar With Your Equipment

Before you can even start diving, you need to become more familiar with the equipment that is worn by skydivers before jumping out of a plane. While taking these courses, you will learn how to put the parachute backpack on properly, and you will learn which strings to pull when you are ready to deploy your parachute. These parachute backpacks typically come with two separate strings. If the first string fails for any reason whatsoever, you could pull the second string to deploy a backup parachute that will help you land safely and carefully.

You may need to wear some other equipment, including a helmet for any potential hard landings and an automatic activation device that quickly deploys the parachute for you at a certain time. If you do not want to worry about pulling strings because you would rather focus on enjoying the view in front of you, it would make sense to use the automatic activation device regularly when jumping.

Learning to Jump Properly

As a beginner, you may not know how to exit the plane properly. You should hold your body in a set position as you prepare to jump. During your courses, an instructor will show you exactly how to position yourself by the door of the plane before you head out on your adventure. Learning to jump properly is important because you want to have the safest and most enjoyable skydiving experience possible.

In addition to becoming even more familiar with the equipment and learning how to jump properly, you will get to take practice jumps with instructors and learn how to focus on landing easily in the right location to avoid a dangerous and hard landing. There is a lot for you to learn before you start skydiving on your own. If skydiving is an extreme sport you want to participate in for years to come and you would like to do it on your own, taking the accelerated free fall courses is a fantastic way for you to get started.

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