Fall And Winter Mountain Bike Riding – What You'Ll Need

With summer reaching its end, it's time to start thinking about getting ready for cool and inclement weather activities. One such activity that can be even more fun and exciting when the leaves begin to fall and the winter flurries begin covering the ground is mountain bike riding. With the right gear, your mountain bike adventures can continue through the fall and winter and never have to come to an end. So, what kind of gear do you need to ride during the fall and winter months safely?

Your Gear

Waterproof Riding Apparel – Staying dry should be a top priority. If you can't stay dry out in the cold, your ride will not be as pleasant as you may have hoped. Get yourself some quality waterproof riding pants, shirt and socks. Waterproof riding apparel is designed to keep you dry while still promoting air circulation to prevent overheating yourself as you ride.

Helmet Cover and Rain Cape – This, coupled with your waterproof apparel will keep you nice and dry during the most adventurous ride. Whether you are riding through rain or snow, the cape and helmet cover will protect much of your body from the moisture. Please do wear a rain cape that is designed to be worn while riding. If you try to wear a cheap poncho, it could get tangled up in the chain or wheel spokes and cause you to crash and get injured.

Safety Glasses – Protect your eyes! The water, mud, snow and slush that your front tire hits will surely fling back and hit you in your face. Water resistant safety glasses will help to protect your eyes from injuries and keep your vision clear while riding through the sloppiest of terrains.

Bike Gear

Your bike needs two things for safe fall and winter riding – tires and fenders.

Tires – Good tires will make all the difference in your ride. For the best traction while riding through sloppy terrain, choose wide tires with treads designed specifically for slick riding conditions. If your ride includes deep snow or icy conditions, consider getting tires with snow studs installed.

Fenders – Fenders come in various forms. They can be installed permanently or snapped on for the occasional sloppy ride. The fenders will help to reduce the amount of slush, mud and water that splash all over you during the ride.

Talk with your local bike equipment rental or sales company like Bootdoctors to find the things that you need to get out and enjoy the crisp fall and winter air on your mountain bike. 

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